A LIBERAL Democrat motion calling on people to repair, re-use and recycle more has been passed.

It was passed unanimously at the recent full council meeting at the Parr Hall.

Stockton Heath councillor Judith Wheeler, who proposed the motion, said: “Blue bins are emptied once a fortnight but not everything is so easy to get rid of.

“If you move house, downsize, clear out a loft, garage or shed or simply declutter, you realise just how many material possessions you have collected. 

“Some of these may be broken or no longer required but they all had an environmental cost to produce and an environmental cost to get rid of. Many of these would be of value to others. 

“There are social media sites such as Freecycle, Before the Tip and local Facebook pages where you can advertise items but not everyone uses social media. Charity shops rightly have high standards for furniture and electrical goods which require PAT testing.

“Re-use and recycling are not the same. The re-use of products and materials is more beneficial because it retains inherent value by keeping the item in use for longer.  This minimises waste, creates jobs, has a positive social impact, reduces consumption and associated carbon impacts.

“The Renew Hub in Greater Manchester is the UK’s biggest re-use and repair facility and in its first year diverted over 500 tonnes from landfill.  Items are deposited at household waste recycling centres and then taken to the Hub for refurbishment or resale. Othe local authorities are playing their part as pioneers, such as Cambridgeshire with its Repair Café Network which brings together people who need items fixing with people who like fixing things.”