A NUCLEAR laboratory in the heart of Warrington is one step closer to putting its new reactor tech into practice.

MoltexFLEX, based at Birchwood Park, is moving its reactor technology into the next development phase.

This will see the advanced tech shift from pre-concept to accelerated product and project delivery.

Moving into the next phase will see the company will expand its operations and significantly refine the design of the innovative FLEX molten salt reactor – delivering a 50 per cent boost in power output.

The nuclear lab uses high-temperature liquid salt in its processes, rather than gas, which makes the tech more environmentally friendly.

Head of engineering at MoltexFLEX, Chris Hankinson, said: "We have firmly established the core aspects of the FLEX concept as we ramp up engineering design.

"More work will be undertaken over the coming months to further refine and finally freeze the design, and this will then be taken forward to create our first-of-a-kind reactor."

The CEO of MoltexFLEX, David Landon, added: "The science and engineering of the FLEX reactor has moved on apace.

“The work we have completed further boosts our confidence in the design and economics of the FLEX reactor, and our ability to deliver a first reactor ready for global roll-out through the 2030s.”

MoltexFLEX plans to have its first reactor operational by 2029.