BRIANNA Ghey will be remembered by the Warrington Guardian with a charity campaign.

The teenager was killed in Culcheth in February, and a fundraiser has been set up by the Warrington Guardian alongside Brianna's mum, Esther.

The 'Peace in Mind' campaign will aim to raise funds to help send teachers across Warrington on mindfulness courses, which will allow schools to be more aware of the wellbeing needs of pupils.

Warrington Guardian: The campaign launched on September 7The campaign launched on September 7 (Image: Newsquest)

The campaign is the brainchild of community reporter Tom Bedworth, who has covered Brianna's story from the beginning, and Esther Ghey.

Tom said: "After months of work to organise the campaign, I'm proud that we are finally launching.

"As soon as I interviewed Esther following the tragic loss of Brianna, I knew that we could really make a difference to the lives of children across Warrington.

"Brianna's death saw Warrington pull together, and the community spirit was a glimmer of light in an incredibly dark time - all of us at the Warrington Guardian hope that readers can get behind the fundraiser and show that same spirit once again."

Gareth Dunning, deputy editor of the Warrington Guardian, added: "We are delighted to partner with Esther on this new campaign. The stresses on children and young people have never been higher than they are today

"By increasing access for teachers to learn skills to pass on to our young children, we can hopefully give young people the tools they need to cope in today's pressurised world.

"If we, as parents, can also develop skills to help with our mental health, then Warrington will be a better place to live."

For more information about the Peace in Mind fundraiser, head to the campaign's GoFundMe page here: