Bridgewater High School has enjoyed considerable success over the years.  Many of our students come from outstanding primary schools and the challenge of building on this success certainly keeps us on our toes. We aspire to excel in academic study and personal development, leading our students to become well-rounded members of a global community, where they can pursue any route they decide. 

We passionately believe in opportunities and encouraging our students to make the most of what is on offer. This starts in the classroom where we develop enquiring and resilient learners who can go on to secure strong examination outcomes. We balance this with an extensive system of pastoral care, including a trained mental health officer, to support their wellbeing. 

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Bridgewater High School is also committed to being one of the best state schools in the country for sport. Our Academy Sports Plus programme is testament to that. We offer a full range of sports teams for boys and girls including rugby and football that have gained regional and national recognition. We have a strong athletics programme, we commit to rowing, we champion cross country and we support orienteering. We also compete nationally in tennis and other sports. 

Students can also showcase their talents in different ways. We are equally happy with them swapping success on the sports field for success on the stage through our extensive Performing Arts programme. If it is the mountainside where they want to succeed, they need to look no further than our Duke of Edinburgh Award, which is one of the largest in the North West.

In 2023, we celebrated the opening of a newly built extension at Upper School. Year 9 now join Year 10 and Year 11 at Upper School to enjoy brand new facilities, including a new drama studio, newly equipped food technology rooms and modern science laboratories. This enables our younger students to enjoy the space at Lower School in which to flourish.

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When we consider what makes Bridgewater High, the school it is, we look towards a set of values we aspire to demonstrate on a daily basis. We believe in taking pride in our achievements, inclusivity and always treating others with kindness. We work with precision and integrity, whilst also valuing working with a collaborative approach. Many of these values have been in the bricks and mortar of the school for decades, whilst others aim to ensure our community has the values to flourish in a modern age. 

Our school is renowned for its rich inclusive environment, which is part of its longstanding commitment to supporting every student to achieve their potential regardless of context, educational needs, background or prior attainment. All students benefit from this environment as we meet the needs of all our community. 

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To find out more please enjoy our Open Evening on Thursday 28th September. 

Keiron Powell, Principal of Bridgewater High School.

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Bridgewater is proud to be part of The Challenge Academy Trust (TCAT) which is an innovative multi-academy trust (MAT) at the forefront of system wide leadership. We are amongst the first MATS nationally to include four primary and five secondary schools alongside a sixth form college all based in Warrington, we offer a unique through-school approach to our learners and benefit from a state-of-the-art professional development centre, which is also available for hire. 

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