THE campaign in memory of Brianna Ghey, who was killed in February, has launched today.

Known as 'Peace in Mind,' the campaign will see Brianna's mum, Esther, work with the Warrington Guardian to push for better support for children in our town.

The fundraiser will raise money for the Mindfulness in Schools Project, which will allow teachers in Warrington to attend mental wellbeing training courses.

Warrington Guardian: Brianna was found dead in February with multiple stab woundsBrianna was found dead in February with multiple stab wounds (Image: Esther Ghey)

It is hoped that this will allow schools to become more aware of best practices to ensure children are fully supported throughout their time in school.

Esther Ghey said: "When Tom Bedworth suggested a joint campaign with myself and the Warrington Guardian, I jumped at the opportunity.

"I knew that I wanted to do something but I felt I didn't have the knowledge or the resources to start something on my own.

"To be working alongside the Warrington Guardian with the aim of making a positive change for people in my hometown is something very special to me.

"Tom is a very genuine person and has been working hard to pull things together. I think we make a great team."

Warrington Wolves are backing the Peace in Mind campaign, too.

James Howes, health and wellbeing manager at the Warrington Wolves Charitable Foundation, said: "The Warrington Wolves and Warrington Wolves Foundation are passionate about investing in mindfulness training within primary schools to help develop more compassionate young people.

"By supporting the Mindfulness in Schools project in Warrington, we will be sowing the seeds of mindfulness early, to cultivate a generation equipped to embrace challenges, live more in the present moment, and develop tools to help relax when life becomes challenging.”

Warrington Guardian: The Peace in Mind campaign aims to improve support for children in WarringtonThe Peace in Mind campaign aims to improve support for children in Warrington (Image: Newsquest)

Warrington Borough Council is supporting the joint fundraiser - Cllr Sarah Hall, cabinet member for children’s services, said: "We’re very pleased to be able to support this fantastic campaign led by Esther and the Warrington Guardian, in memory of Brianna.

“The Peace in Mind campaign is an important initiative that will help to provide additional guidance to our teachers, who in turn will be able to provide more support to Warrington’s pupils.

“Teaching mindfulness in schools will bring big impacts and benefits for both our teachers and young people, and we’re therefore very pleased to be able to play our part in supporting this truly ground-breaking campaign.”

Andy Carter, Warrington South's MP, is backing the Peace in Mind campaign: "I’m very pleased to endorse the Peace in Mind campaign in memory of Brianna Ghey.

"It was humbling recently to sit down with Brianna’s mother, Esther, alongside fellow political representatives in Warrington and journalists from the Warrington Guardian who have all come together to honour her legacy.

“Brianna’s murder was a terrible shock to our town, the outpouring of public grief and community spirit in the aftermath of this awful crime was apparent for all to see.

"I know families across Warrington will help do their bit in support of this excellent campaign that is launching today."

Charlotte Nichols, MP for Warrington North has thrown her weight behind the campaign, too, adding: "Esther’s commitment to improving mental health and mindfulness in schools is so important and a powerful tribute to Brianna.

"Too many of us live with mental health challenges, and equipping children, young people and teachers with tools to support mental wellness and wellbeing must be a step forward.

"As we build young people’s resilience to face life’s challenges, we can help the next generation so that they can lead happier and healthier lives.”

Warrington Guardian: The campaign is being spearheaded by Esther Ghey and the Warrington GuardianThe campaign is being spearheaded by Esther Ghey and the Warrington Guardian (Image: Esther Ghey)

Emma Mills was Brianna's headteacher while she was at Birchwood High School; she said: "When Esther first approached me about MiSP, I could immediately see the benefits for all students, and was 100 per cent behind it.

"All of the headteachers across Warrington that I have liaised with feel the same way too.

"It is fantastic that the Warrington Guardian have given their support to this now and we can create a lasting legacy of being kind, of being mindful and of taking care of ourselves in Brianna’s name.”

To donate to the Peace in Mind fundraiser, or to share it, use this link: