HAVE you ever tried a Ham Solo? Or a Kevin Bacon?

These are the award-winning burgers on the menu at Café at the End of the Universe on Warrington Market and Howley Industrial Estate – officially serving the best burgers in town.

Each week, we will be searching for the best Warrington has to offer in different categories and we’ve given out 19 awards for 2023.

The winners so far:

Best for Hair – Ashleigh Hair and Beauty

Best for Pies – Tomlins Bakery

Best for Nails – Bamboo Hair & Beauty

Best for Roast Dinner – Heaths Kitchen

Best for Cocktails – Dead Eyes

Best for Breakfast -Café Blu

Best for Fitness – Daniel Warburton

Best for Fish and Chips – Fish Net

Best for Tattoos – Danny’s Tattoo

Best for Pizza - Donatello

Best for Pets – Victoria Park Vets

Best Independent Shop or Business – The Phone Whisperer

Best for Dessert – White Lace Bakery

Best for Beauty – Bella You

Best for Kids – TinyTalk Warrington, Newton and Lymm

Best Gym – Ryfields Gym

Best Beer Garden – The Ferry Tavern

Best for Afternoon Tea – The Grand

Voting for Warrington’s Best Café or Coffee Shop is currently taking place and we’re also looking for nominations in our latest search - Best for Curry.

Next on the menu was the search for Warrington’s Best for Burgers and Café at the End of the Universe took the latest Best of 2023 crown.

The award-winning burger place is on Warrington Market

The award-winning burger place is on Warrington Market

Andrew Kinsella is the owner of the business, which opened in 2015 from the back of a van touring events in the north west.

In 2017, Andrew moved into the temporary market before relocating to The Cookhouse in Warrington Market in 2020.

They also have a delivery only Dark Kitchen.

Andrew, who is 43 and from Warburton, went to school in Lymm and college in Warrington and then headed to Manchester to go to university.

He said: “Opening a business in Warrington felt a bit like coming home after going to university in Manchester and working in the city.

“We wanted to bring together our love for pop culture with our love for American-style food and burgers.

“It’s all about the quality of the product - buns from the bakery and burgers minced fresh in the market every day.

“The pop culture factor just hopefully brings a bit of fun to the proceedings.

“We felt we had a great idea and had the hospitality background to make it work.

“After that, it’s just about putting the hours in and getting a team that buys into our ethic and shares our passion for what we do.”

Warringtons Best Burgers by a country mile

Warrington's Best Burgers "by a country mile"

Andrew had no business background before opening Café at the End of the Universe and no experience in customer service – he was used to being a chef and hiding away from customers.

Andrew said: “I have found that if you just be yourself and be as nice to everyone as you possible can then people really respond.

“The fact that we have so many regulars is a testament to the fact that we offer great food and service.

“This is the business that we know – it’s hard work and financially tricky but there are great rewards in terms of the food we serve and the people we meet.”

So what’s the secret to their success over the past six years?

Andrew said: “We keep people fed and happy – it’s as simple as that.

“We want to offer the best quality food we can at the most reasonable prices possible.

“I think most people realise that nothing is cheap at the moment but we do at least strive to be good value for money.”

The hard-working team at Cafe at the End of the Universe

The hard-working team at Cafe at the End of the Universe

What do customers at Café at the End of the Universe think about the venue? Why did they want them to win our latest Best of 2023 title?

Fans of this place say it serves the best burgers “by a country mile”.

One review on their Facebook page said: “Can't even put into words how amazing this food is.

“Would highly recommend them and can't wait to work our way through the menu.”

What are the company’s best-selling burgers? What do customers keep coming back for?

With buns fresh from the bakers, burgers minced fresh each day and nothing added other than homemade seasoning, the key is in the simplicity.

The best-selling burger is the Ham Solo with cheese, salad and homemade burger sauce and then there’s the Kevin Bacon with 16-hour slow smoked pulled pork and a mountain of toppings.

There really is something for everyone.

A Kevin Bacon

A Kevin Bacon

Andrew said: “I think there are some great burger places and some great food places in Warrington and I regularly visit some of them myself.

“I don't think anywhere offers the combination that we do though - great quality food and service, value for money and added fun and inventiveness with our menu.

“I try to land somewhere in the middle of being humble and also confident about our food but we expected to be a finalist in this category.

“We have great faith in what we do and we have such a good customer base, so I would have been gutted if we weren't shortlisted.

“I was over the moon to win - we obviously hoped we would win and we have experienced both winning and losing awards at the final stage.

“It’s always nice to be recognised and even nicer to win.

“Thanks to all our fantastic customers – they are everything.

“Without our customers, it’s just me making burgers and getting increasingly fatter.

“Someone’s got to help me them all!”

For more details go to facebook.com/Cafeattheendoftheuniverse