THE head of Warrington History Society has launched a campaign to celebrate more of the town's most significant buildings.

The society's current chairman, Andy Green, will end his eight year tenure as chair in 2024 but plans to out with a bang by spearheading a campaign to help make people more aware of the town's heritage.

Andy said: "A few years ago I holidayed to Austin, Texas where a lot of its historical buildings had informative plaques on them which helped give the city a real sense of place.

"There are lots of buildings and locations in Warrington that I feel are also deserving of a plaque or sign to celebrate their historical and cultural significance.

"I know we have some already but not nearly as many as we could and I think it's time we put that right."

Andy is currently seeking the support of like-minded people and organisations who might be able to assist with the project.

If you would like to get involved you can contact him via email at For information on how to join Warrington History Society visit

Meanwhile Warrington History Society has announced details of its 2023/24 lecture programme.

Established in 1964, the Society’s aim is to encourage an interest in all aspects of local history with particular reference to the Warrington area. Its latest round of talks, all of which will be held at 7.30pm at Friars Green Independent Methodist Chapel in Cairo Street, will comprise:-

  • Monday, September 18: 'Chimney Stacks & Climbing Boys' by Claire Moores
  • Monday, October 16: 'The Anderton Boat Lift – It’s History and Workings' by Jim Corbridge
  • Monday, November 20: 'The Restoration of the Daniel Adamson' by The Daniel Adamson Preservation Society
  • Monday, January 15: 'The History of the Warrington Rugby League Football Club Part 2: The Wire In The Northern Union' by Neil Dowson
  • Monday, February, 19: 'A Basic History of Warrington Through Maps' by Philip Jeffs

Monday, March 18: 'The Websters of Warrington: Designers of Warrington Transporter Bridge' by Mike Hodgkinson

Monday, April 15: 'A Look at Harry Wells’ Archive Photo Collection' by Harry Wells

Membership of the society costs £14 per year. This covers all seven talks and gives members access to the society's library. Guests and visitors are also welcome to attend for a fee of £5 per talk.

Next year will mark the 60th anniversary of the Society which started life as the Warrington & District Archaeological & Historical Society back in 1964. Originally chaired by the George Carter, chief librarian at Warrington library, the Sociey has delivered over 400 lectures since its inception.