A UNIQUE account of key moments, battles and experiences captured during the Second World War have been released for the first time.

Private letters of Lt General Sir Oliver Leese are on display at Tabley House.

Sir Oliver regularly wrote to his father-in-law Cuthbert Leicester Warren, then owner of Tabley House.

Lt General Sir Oliver Leese was a Senior British Army Officer with a distinguished record of service in both the First and Second World Wars.

Warrington Guardian: Lt Gen Sir Oliver LeeseLt Gen Sir Oliver Leese (Image: IWM)

Sir Oliver is probably remembered most for commanding 30 Corps in North Africa and Sicily, serving under General Sir Bernard Montgomery.

The letters on display cover this time with Montgomery including the famous second battle of El Alamein.

They also include Sir Oliver’s involvement with the Italian Campaign, where he succeeded Montgomery as the commander of the 8th Army.

Later letters give an account of his time as Commander-in-Chief of the 11th army group, when he directed operations in Burma.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing letters on show recounts Sir Oliver’s visit after the war to the Nuremberg Trials in February 1946.

He went along as the guest of Lord Justice Lawrence, who was chairman of the tribunal.

Gill Dent, collection manager, said: “It seemed appropriate to create this new display of these important yet less well known aspects of the Tabley House Collection in this year.

“2023 marks the 45th anniversary of Sir Oliver’s death as well as the 90th anniversary of his marriage to Margaret Leicester Warren.

Warrington Guardian: The wedding of Sir Oliver Leese and Margaret Warren, 90 years agoThe wedding of Sir Oliver Leese and Margaret Warren, 90 years ago (Image: Supplied)

“Margaret was the daughter of Cuthbert and Hilda Leicester Warren the owners of Tabley House at the time.

“Cuthbert and Hilda’s son, Lt. Col. John Leicester Warren, who also saw action in World War II, became a friend of Sir Oliver, and it was through their friendship that Oliver first met John’s sister Margaret.

“Happily, it seems the marriage was a genuine love match, and the display also includes a couple of their personal letters as well as details of their marriage at Tabley in 1933.”

Details of the prisoner of war experiences of his brother-in-law Captain John Leicester Warren and of the family’s work with the Red Cross at Tabley are also on display.

Warrington Guardian: Tabley HouseTabley House (Image: Supplied)

Tabley House Collection encompasses art, furniture, books and memorabilia which belonged to the Leicester family.

Fascinating items are displayed within the State Rooms of Tabley House, near Knutsford, and is open to the public from April to October each year.

The collection is managed by The Tabley House Collection Trust on behalf of the University of Manchester.

Visitors are welcome from Thursday to Sunday (plus bank holiday Mondays) from 1pm until 5pm with last entry at 4.30pm.

Admission is £7 for adults and £3 for children or students with a card.

For further information call 01565 750151, email tableyhouse@btconnect.com or visit tableyhouse.co.uk.