A SMALL family-run gym that is a safe training space for its members – Ryfields Gym has won back-to-back Best of awards, securing Warrington’s Best Gym for the second year in a row.

Husband and wife team Paul and Becky Warburton have had a fitness business in the town for the past 13 years and been based at Ryfields Gym since October 2016.

Last year, the Orford gym secured top spot in our search to find the best gym in Warrington and gym-goers voted for Ryfields in their dozens.

They’ve cast their votes again this year, ensuring Ryfields is Warrington’s Best Gym.

Each week, we will be searching for the best Warrington has to offer in different categories and we’ve given out 16 awards for 2023.

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Voting for Warrington’s Best Beer Garden is currently taking place and we’re also looking for nominations in our latest search - Best for Afternoon Tea.

Next on the list was the search for Warrington’s Best Gym and Ryfields took the latest Best of 2023 crown winning back-to-back awards.

Paul and Becky Warburton took over at Ryfields Gym nearly seven years ago

Paul and Becky Warburton took over at Ryfields Gym nearly seven years ago

Paul and Becky, who live in Orford, run the small family-run gym at Ryfields Village which offers a quiet, safe training space for its members and they allow families and young people to enjoy the classes and equipment.

Becky said: “We manage the gym day to day, showing people how to get started and we run personal training sessions and we also host fitness classes in the evenings.

“The commercial gym environment can be very unsettling for lots of people and we want Ryfields Gym to feel a lot less intimidating - more friendly and more personal than some other places.

“We love it and as keen fitness enthusiasts we try to help our members adopt healthy habits and patterns whilst creating a social and enjoyable place to train.

“It’s a fantastic feeling helping people reach their goals.”

Paul is a Royal Air Force physical training instructor and together with Becky he’s been running bootcamps, indoor and outdoor fitness classes and personal training for more than 13 years.

Ryfields isn’t a place for bodybuilders, crossfitters or triathletes – Paul and Becky have tried to create a space where people will feel comfortable walking in for the first time, on their own, and then come back for another workout or class.

Fitness classes are a hit with all members of the family

Fitness classes are a hit with all members of the family

Paul said: “We organise walks in the mountains and nights out on the town because we think it’s really important that we enjoy life too rather than just focus on losing weight or getting bigger.

“Most of our members enjoy the fact that they can pretty much have the gym to themselves during the day.

“With our membership cap, we ensure we aren’t too busy and our app lets members see how busy the gym is before they turn up.

“Watching someone walk in for the first time and helping them get through and enjoy their first workout is amazing.

“Most of our members are starting to gain confidence using free weights now.

“There has been a long tradition of people coming in and just sticking to cardio however we’re starting to help members pick up weights and learn how to use them.

“And we’ve found our trampoline fitness class - bounce mania - is also extremely popular.”

Treks and hikes are big social events for members of Ryfields

Treks and hikes are big social events for members of Ryfields

But what do customers and clients at Ryfields think about the gym? Why did they want them to win?

One customer says the staff are friendly and it’s not too busy so you can enjoy your workout.

Becky said: “We were really happy when we found out we had made the shortlist for Warrington’s Best Gym.

“It was nice that so many of our members took time to nominate us.

“We were delighted to win again this year – without our members we’d just have an empty building.

“It’s the members that make every day what it is and we’re so grateful for their support.

“After last year’s award, we were able to help so many new people who didn’t know about us before and I’m hoping we get a similar opportunity to help more people again this year.”

For more details go to facebook.com/RyfieldGym