THE Warrington Guardian is proud to announce it will launch a campaign in memory of Brianna Ghey, who was tragically killed in February this year.

It will be spearheaded by the Warrington Guardian, alongside Brianna's mum, Esther.

One of the aims of the campaign is to raise money to send teachers on training courses organised by the Mindfulness in Schools Project.

Warrington Guardian: Brianna was just 16 years old when she was killed in FebruaryBrianna was just 16 years old when she was killed in February (Image: Esther Ghey)

Ahead of the campaign's launch in September, the Warrington Guardian will feature a story per week that highlights the importance of the campaign.

These features will allow readers to hear directly from Esther Ghey, the Warrington Guardian, schools across the town, and wellbeing charities; all discussing why mental health provision in schools is crucial.

This week's feature explains why the newspaper is helping drive the campaign forward.

The Warrington Guardian's community reporter, Tom Bedworth, has covered Brianna's story since news broke of the teenager's death on February 11.

He said: "Growing up in Warrington, it never occurred to me that somebody would be killed here - let alone a teenager.

"Brianna's story resonated across Warrington and the country; I had the privilege of reporting from vigils that were organised in Warrington town centre and Culcheth in the week after Brianna was killed.

"Warrington came together to mourn someone whom most of us had never met - the town showed togetherness in its grief for the loss of a girl who was taken from her family too soon."

Warrington Guardian: Tom has covered Brianna's story since her death in FebruaryTom has covered Brianna's story since her death in February (Image: Supplied)

Tom added: "When I heard about Esther's wish to fundraise for MiSP following Brianna's death, I suggested to her a joint campaign.

"The paper was there to support the town in the weeks and months after Brianna's death; it is only fitting that we find a way to be there to support the town's children in the future."

Gareth Dunning, deputy editor of the Warrington Guardian said: "We are delighted to partner with Esther on this new campaign. The stresses on children and young people have never been higher than they are today.

"The prevalence of social media means bullying may not just be felt in schools but when youngsters go home as well. By increasing access for teachers to learn skills to pass on to our young children, we can hopefully give young people the tools they need to cope in today's pressurised world.

"If we, as parents, can also develop skills to help with our mental health, then Warrington will be a better place to live.

"If our campaign goes as we like, Warrington can become a beacon and a template for the rest of the country for a better state of mind and a healthier environment for all our young people to live in."

Warrington Guardian: Newsquest's north west editor, Richard Duggan, says the company is proud to back the new campaignNewsquest's north west editor, Richard Duggan, says the company is proud to back the new campaign (Image: Richard Duggan)

Newsquest's regional editor for the north west, Richard Duggan, added: "Brianna’s story was one that shocked people everywhere, and the Warrington Guardian’s coverage of her death has kept people informed in a respectful and sensitive way ever since.

"All of our hearts broke for Esther and the rest of Brianna’s family when the news came of her death in February. No parent should ever have to bury a child.

"This campaign, spearheaded by Esther with our community reporter, Tom, will aim to provide more support for Warrington’s schoolchildren.

"It is a campaign that we think everyone can get behind, and it is one that Newsquest is proud to champion."

Warrington Guardian: The campaign will be a collaboration between Esther Ghey and the Warrington GuardianThe campaign will be a collaboration between Esther Ghey and the Warrington Guardian (Image: Esther Ghey)

We are asking that if any businesses would like to know more about the campaign, or would like to support it, then could they complete this short form, or get in touch with Tom Bedworth:

Peace in Mind will launch in September, with a weekly feature coming to Warrington Guardian readers each week until the launch.