FOOTBALL posts donated to Penketh have been put into use for the first time.

The posts, which can be found at Greystone Recreational Ground, were gifted to the community in the will of Stephen Marshall.

Steve was from Penketh, and although he immigrated to the United States in the 1970s, the area held a special place in his heart.

Warrington Guardian: Stephen held Penketh in his heart throughout his life, despite living in the United States for many yearsStephen held Penketh in his heart throughout his life, despite living in the United States for many years (Image: Supplied)

Before he died, Steve was known to remember Greystone Rec with affection, having played football there for many years as a youngster.

Having immigrated to the United States, Steve opened up his own hair salon - British Hairways.

However, his family maintains that his first love was always football, and he was a fierce supporter of Tottenham Hotspur, even going as far as to found a supporters' club in the US.

Preceding his death, it was a source of disappointment to Steve that Greystone Rec no longer had the facilities for youngsters to play grassroots football - hence his decision to reverse that.

In his will, Steve made provisions for a donation to be made to the community of Penketh to purchase goalposts to be installed at Greystone Rec.

Following their installation, the posts were put into action on Saturday, July 22 in the inaugural Stephen Marshall Trophy.

Two matches were played on the day; the first was between the Sankey Strikers under-nines and the under-10s, with the under-10s winning.

The second game was between Sankey Strikers under-13s and Eagle JFC - Sankey Strikers won, and were presented with the Stephen Marshall Trophy.

Warrington Guardian: The matches were played on Saturday, July 22The matches were played on Saturday, July 22 (Image: Eileen Meredith)

Speaking to the Warrington Guardian about what the matches meant to them, Steve's family said: "It means a lot and although he lived in the US  for many years, on his return visits it was always a must to go the Rec and sit while he reminisced about the old days.

"He felt strongly, in his true philanthropic way, that at some point he wanted to do something to make a difference for the local youth.

"So to see his donated sets of goalposts go up, his memorial bench installed, and some of his ashes scattered. his family and friends feel he truly has come home to his beloved Greystone Rec."

They added: "Penketh Parish councillor Geoff Fellows and parish councillor Eunice Peters attended the match alongside many parents and the family and friends of Steve, who then attended the dedication of the posts.  

"There are plans to establish a yearly tournament for the Stephen Marshall Trophy."