A NUCLEAR lab in Birchwood will receive more than £1million in funding from the government.

MoltexFLEX specialises in using molten salts in nuclear reactions, rather than gases, which makes nuclear systems safer in the event of any leaks.

The company will receive the funding as part of the Nuclear Fuel Fund, which will help to support Moltex's innovative FLEX reactor.

Warrington Guardian: The laboratory uses molten salt in its workThe laboratory uses molten salt in its work (Image: Newsquest)

MoltexFLEX's CEO, David Landon, said: "This award represents an important signal of support from government for advanced modular reactors in the UK, and helps MoltexFLEX make significant progress in commercialising the fuel salt manufacturing route for the FLEX reactor.

"We are delighted to receive this grant, which will help make advanced nuclear technology a reality.”

Government minister Grant Shapps MP visited the laboratory on Birchwood Park earlier this year, with David telling the Warrington Guardian that the company needed the correct 'signals' from the government showing that the nuclear sector was being fully supported.

MoltexFLEX describes itself as: "A UK business, developing low-cost and passively safe FLEX reactor and GridReserve energy storage technology.

"Together, these innovations generate flexible energy which complements intermittent renewables such as wind and solar."

Speaking about the reactor that the funding will support, a Moltex spokesperson said: "In the case of the low-cost small modular FLEX reactor, which is intended to be mass-produced, fuel accounts for approximately 50 per cent of the capital cost."

The award of the grant was announced at the launch event of a new governmental body Great British Nuclear (GBN), which took place at the Science Museum in London.

Jez Stewart, national secretary of the trade union Prospect, said: "Government support for British technology exporters like Rolls-Royce SMR and MoltexFLEX will generate new high-quality, long-term jobs and careers within the nuclear industry in the UK."