CUSTOMERS using the EE phone network in Warrington have been issued with an important reminder.

The firm says a pilot scheme to retire 3G coverage in the town will start on Monday, July 17.

Customers will be supported to move to 4G or 5G connectivity as part of the localised pilot, which will be used to inform and support EE’s nationwide retirement of 3G technology in early 2024.

Those who do not wish to transition to a modern mobile network will not be left disconnected and will still be able to make calls and send SMS text messages as normal using EE’s 2G network, but they will need to use Wi-Fi to access the internet on their phone.

EE says the retirement of 3G as part of this pilot in Warrington allows the strengthening of 4G and 5G networks in the town.

It adds that 95 percent of EE customers in Warrington no longer use 3G data, with people instead transitioning to 4G and 5G.

All 3G customers in Warrington are being contacted, with EE’s customer care teams offering dedicated support to more vulnerable customers to help their transition to a modern mobile network.

To prepare for 3G retirement, EE says customers should first text ‘handset’ to 150 to see if your mobile phone already supports 4G or 5G and get advice on how to upgrade.

Then check to ensure that 4G and 4G calling is turned on in your mobile phone settings, and also turn on Wi-Fi calling.