A NEW Stranger Things-based musical is finding its way from the upside-down to Warrington’s Parr Hall.

‘Stranger Sings’ is an award-winning parody musical based on the hit Netflix show, currently embarking on a UK nationwide theatre tour.

The parody musical was born as an off-Broadway play, before selling out a 3-month UK premiere run in London.

This sci-fi spoof brings an irreverent twist to the story of Hawkins, Eleven, and Detective Hopper, leading to seven wins at the Off-Broadway awards in 2021 when it debuted, including ‘Best New Musical’.

The show will appear for two nights next year at Parr Hall, on February 2, and February 3. Tickets will start at £30.

The musical’s story and lyrics were written by Jonathan Hague, a New-York based writer, who was previously the writer of ‘The Resurrection of Walt Disney’s Frozen Head from its Cryogenic Slumber in the Year 2066’. As well as this he wrote a play, ‘The Nations", loosely based on his experiences serving as a short-term missionary/aid worker in 12 countries around the world.

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