NEW ratings have been revealed by the Food Standards Agency that allow the public to see how clean certain eateries are.

The FSA inspects 'registered' eateries - which include restaurants, bars, pubs, takeaways, cafes, and even the on-site cafeterias and canteens.

It should be noted that there is a delay between an inspection being carried out by the FSA and the results of the inspection coming into the public domain.

24 new results were posted online in June by the FSA - some of the inspections took place in April, some in May, and some in June.

Warrington Guardian: A number of spots were given the top rating of five-out-of-fiveA number of spots were given the top rating of five-out-of-five (Image: RADAR)

These are the results of those inspections:

  • Five-out-of-five for hygiene

Bold Street House, Egypt Street - Inspected on May 24

Gravity UK, Time Square - Inspected on May 15

Smokie Mo's, Buttermarket Street - Inspected on May 26

Henry's Hot Dogs, Whinchat Drive - Inspected on May 30

Chicago Pizza, Hood Manor Centre - Inspected on May 24

Many Events Food, Marsh House Lane - Inspected on May 22

Sanctuary Cafe, Brookfield Road - Inspected on June 7

Cafe Piccino, Jackson Avenue - Inspected on June 6

  • Four-out-of-five for hygiene

Miller and Carter, Gemini Retail Park - Inspected on April 26

Cappello's, Bridgewater Street - Inspected on May 11

Room at the Inn, Patten House - Inspected on May 12

  • Three-out-of-five for hygiene

Food4Thought, Old Liverpool Road - Inspected on April 27

The Looking Glass, Buttermarket Street - Inspected on May 9

King's Garden, Folly Lane - Inspected on May 17

Harry's Fish Bar, Warrington Road - Inspected on May 18

Orange Pizza, Orford Lane - Inspected on May 18

Golden Sunrise, Norris Street - Inspected on May 24

  • Two-out-of-five for hygiene

Star Kebab, Winwick Street - Inspected on May 2

East Orient, Horsemarket Street - Inspected on May 4

Coffee House Lymm, Eagle Brow - Inspected on May 17

Grand Patisserie, Buttermarket Street - Inspected on May 22

  • One-out-of-five for hygiene

Slemani Restaurant, Lovely Lane - Inspected on May 9

Top Grill, Warrington Road - Inspected on May 25

All information has been taken from the Food Standards Agency, and is accurate at the time of publication.