‘CARING relationships’ are formed at a welcoming nursery in Padgate.

Praise has been given to Petals Children's Day Nursery following a successful Ofsted visit, last month.

Inspectors observed children who ‘beam with excitement’ as they see their peers while attended the setting.

Meanwhile parents of those who attend give credit to the ‘amazing’ staff who run the nursery.

“Parents say that their children are happy, settled and love attending the nursery.

“Parents state that their children have become more independent and they have seen progress in their communication skills since starting at the nursery.”

A motivation to learn and make good progress was also noted within the official report.

As well as the varying activities children are given to explore throughout their days spent there, including making dough, painting, learning about their environment and making hedgehog houses.

“When making a 'hedgehog house', they suggest different tools that they may need. Staff provide praise and encouragement, which helps to support children's self-esteem.”

Inspectors highlighted a ‘clear focus’ on staff’s encouragement to improve communication skills among the class.

“Staff introduce new vocabulary as they interact with children. They join in with children's play and model language well. Staff recognise when babies want to sing.

“They hold their hands as they sing 'Row, Row, Row Your Boat' together. Children make good progress in their communication and language development.”

Outdoor play was also praised, with it being said the setting place this at high importance.

“Children have frequent access to the outdoors and staff value the importance of developing children's physical skills.”

Assurance and cuddles are never overlooked either, with ‘caring’ relationships making the children at the setting feel ‘safe, secure and ready to learn’.