BOTH of Warrington's MPs have reached a rare agreement in the House of Commons.

Andy Carter and Charlotte Nichols both voted in support of the report that says Boris Johnson deliberately misled Parliament.

In other words: Boris Johnson knowingly lied to MPs.

Warrington Guardian: Andy Carter sits on the committee that concluded Johnson lied to MPsAndy Carter sits on the committee that concluded Johnson lied to MPs (Image: Newsquest)

The reason for such careful wording in the House of Commons vote is simple; it is against the rules of Parliament for one member to call another a liar.

Therefore, one must say something along the lines of: "The Honourable Member for [insert constituency here] deliberately misled..."

Following a months-long committee deliberation by the House of Commons Privileges Committee, a report was released that concluded that Boris Johnson deliberately misled MPs regarding statements that he gave in the Commmons.

Warrington South's Andy Carter was one of seven MPs who sat on the Privileges Committee, which comprised of four Conservative MPs and three MPs from other parties.

After the committee's deliberations, Boris Johnson was given an advance look at the report - which triggered his shock resignation as the MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip.

The former Prime Minister released a 1,000-word scathing attack on the committee, which he said was biased against him, as it was chaired by Labour MP Harriet Harman.

Given that Johnson's advanced view of the report's findings was supposed to be confidential, this exacerbated the committee's recommended punishment.

The Privileges Committee concluded that Johnson did deliberately mislead the Commons, and should have been handed a 90-day suspension from Parliament, as well as not receiving an ex-members pass.

Former MPs are entitled to an ex-members pass, which gives them access to the Parliamentary estate.

Warrington Guardian: Labour's Charlotte Nichols voted in support of the reportLabour's Charlotte Nichols voted in support of the report (Image: Parliament TV)

Last night, Monday, a vote was called in the Commons on whether MPs should back the report's conclusion and recommended penalties.

MPs passed the vote by 354 votes to seven - 225 MPs either abstained from the vote, or did not turn up.

Those who did not vote include Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Home Secretary Suella Braverman, Foreign Secretary James Cleverly, and Chancellor Jeremy Hunt.

Both of Warrington's MPs voted in support of the committee's report.

Posting on social media, Charlotte Nichols said: "I voted to approve the Privileges Committee report tonight.

"A line finally drawn under the clown show that was Boris Johnson's premiership."