ONE of the country's largest mobile phone network providers has announced it will be cutting 3G services in Warrington.

EE has said that it will provide support for its customers who will need to transition to 4G and 5G connectivity once the 3G services are axed.

The network provider says that 95 per cent of its customers in Warrington are already using 4G and 5G connections, so axing 3G should not cause too much disruption.

Warrington Guardian: EE has said it will support any customers impacted by the changeEE has said it will support any customers impacted by the change (Image: Canva)

Cutting the 3G service in Warrington is a local pilot scheme, and is part of EE retiring the service across the UK entirely by early 2024.

EE said: "As more customers reap the benefits of modern mobile networks, the use of 3G on the EE network has fallen to record low levels across the UK and accounts for less than 0.6 per cent of all downloaded data and just seven per cent of all voice traffic; a 73 per cent decrease since January 2020.

"Customers using older 3G handsets will still be able to make calls and send texts over 2G as normal but will need to use Wi-Fi or move to a 4G or 5G device to access the internet on their mobile phone."

The provider says that anyone impacted by the retirement of 3G services in Warrington will be contacted in the next couple of weeks.

EE has issued the following advice for anyone who is currently using 3G services:

1. Check 4G and 5G mobile coverage in the local area using EE’s coverage checker.

2. Text ‘Handset’ to 150 to see if your mobile phone already supports 4G calling or Wi-Fi calling and get advice on how to upgrade if needed.

3. Check or ask a family member to ensure that 4G and/or 5G Calling is turned on in your mobile phone settings. 4G calling may be referred to as 'LTE calling' or 'VoLTE' on some phones.

4. Turn ‘Wi-Fi calling’ on in your mobile phone settings.

5. Visit the EE website or speak to a colleague in-store to get expert advice on 3G retirement and what it means.

Sue Keating, Infrastructure and Operational Services Manager at Warrington Borough Council, said: “The retirement of 3G as part of this pilot in Warrington allows EE to strengthen its 4G and 5G networks which are already delivering important benefits to our local community, including faster mobile internet access, more reliable coverage, and improved quality calls for those living and working across our town.

"The team at EE recently supported Warrington Borough Council with the transition away from 3G to modern mobile networks.

"This work was carried out seamlessly with no disruption to council services and has left us excited about the future.”

3G services in Warrington are set to be cut in the week beginning Monday, July 17.