A COMMUNITY grocery shop in Orford that enables struggling families on the breadline to shop at reduced prices and put food on the table, celebrates its first year open today.

With food prices having soared to the highest the country has seen since the 1970s, many are reliant on foodbanks and similar facilities to ensure they do not go hungry, and this unique shop has helped in feeding up to 1,500 families since it opened in May last year.

Located on Cotswold Road, Warrington Community Grocery saves its members up to £20 per food shop thanks to its sliced prices.

The items on offer include fresh fruit and vegetables, tinned goods, baked items, frozen food, sanitary and household items.

But as well as this, members get access to a range of support courses, such as cookery classes and money management advice, too.

Membership costs just £5 per year and members can then visit multiple times a week.

One member who regularly shops at the community store expressed ‘gratitude’ for its services and the welcoming atmosphere.

Warrington Guardian: Warrington Community Grocery celebrates a year since openingWarrington Community Grocery celebrates a year since opening (Image: Supplied)

“I would like to express my gratitude to Warrington Community Grocery, and all the people who run it.

“I, and many others, have really struggled for the past couple of years, physically, mentally and financially.

“I came along to the opening and the welcome I received was brilliant and has been ever since. The atmosphere is peaceful, calming, and the staff are patient and kind. I look forward to every visit. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, as it has helped me more than you know.”

The grocery shop have celebrated the anniversary by hosting a special party with a bouncy castle, ice cream van, live music and free giveaways on offer to the community this afternoon.

Andy Hawthorne, chief executive and founder of The Message Trust said: “What a special year it’s been.

“We’ve loved partnering with LifeChurch Warrington to open the Community Grocery and getting to know the local community, to provide those who would have otherwise go hungry with access to affordable food at a time when the cost of living has soared.

“I can’t wait to see what the next year brings. Happy birthday Warrington Community Grocery.”

Sarah Dewhirst, senior leader at LifeChurch Warrington said: “As a church, it has been a privilege to partner with the Warrington Community Grocery, seeing different people and families come into onto the church site and leaving with big smiles.

“Getting to know our neighbours through cooking lessons, debt relief courses, tots groups and community meals in the church has been a highlight for us this past year”