Sky Mobile customers have reported issues with using their phones this afternoon (May 16).

At the time of writing, more than 1,000 reports had been made on Down Detector since 3.11pm, with people suggesting they can't make or receive calls.

On Twitter, the DowndetectorUK account flagged the issue, saying: User reports indicate Sky is having problems since 1:37 PM BST. RT if you're also having problems #Skydown”

Sky confirms mobile customers are experiencing issues with calls

It seems Sky is aware of the issue being reported, as the Sky Help Team Twitter account posted: “We are aware that some Sky Mobile customers are experiencing issues with making and receiving calls right now.

“We are investigating the issue and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may be causing.”

In response to a customer asking when the problem would be resolved, Sky Help Team said: “We don't have a timeframe at the moment Zoe. We will post any updates when we have an update available. Thanks, Becca.”

Sky Mobile customers report they are ‘unable to make calls’ on social media

Of those having issues making and receiving calls on Sky’s services, 63% of problems reported are affecting phones, with 35% having trouble with the internet.

On Twitter, one person said: “Not great really, when trying to get hold of people urgently when I'm out and about. I'm assuming that there will be some sort of recompense for the inconvenience caused.”

Another wrote: “Hope there be some good will off the bills. Can’t use the phone to make any calls.”

This Sky Mobile customer said: “I'm also experiencing issues with texting.

“This is really inconvenient given that I'm pregnant & have important appointments regarding my pregnancy this week, one being today!

“My midwife has been trying to contact me & has had to disturb my partner at work instead. Thx for that.”

A user of the company also said: “Hope there is compensation! Had a load of important calls to make today. Seriously thinking of changing provider.”