Parents have been issued an urgent warning about Prime energy drinks after a child suffered a 'cardiac episode'.

The energy drink, which has been a viral sensation across the UK, contains 140mg of caffeine.

Now, a primary school in Newport, South Wales, has issued a warning to parents to be wary of of the drink after one of their students had a cardiac episode.

After being said to have drunk a can of Prime energy drink, the child was taken ot the hospital over the weekend.

Milton Primary School, in Newport, sent a warning to parents, saying: “This morning a parent has reported that their child has had a cardiac episode over the weekend after drinking a Prime energy drink.

"The child had to have their stomach pumped and although better now the parent wanted us to share this as a reminder of the potential harmful effects."

Newport City Council and Milton Primary School have said they are not going to comment on the incident.

The incident comes months after a medical expert recommended that children shouldn’t drink Prime.

Dr Deborah Lee, of Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, told The Mirror in January: “I would not recommend children drink Prime energy drinks or other energy drinks for children of any age.

"Children don't need energy drinks anyway – they have plenty of energy.

"If your child is lacking in energy take them to see their GP, do not give them an energy drink.

“It encourages them to want sweet drinks, when plain water is the answer and helps them develop a sweet tooth which is not good for the future in terms of a healthy diet and controlling their weight."

She added: “Children are actively growing, and their brain, nervous system and heart function and development are crucial for their future health.

“Caffeine acts at all these sites and it would be unwise to recommend any substances which could have any deleterious effect."