TWO more takeaways in Warrington have been hit with poor food hygiene ratings by the Food Standards Agency.

Inspections are undertaken by the FSA on a random spot-check basis, and reports are made publicly available at a later date.

There is a delay between an inspection being carried out and the report being made public.

Two more of Warrington's takeaways were inspected recently, and both were given a hygiene score of one out of five.

The takeaways were:

  • Shawarma Express, Bridge Street
  • Culcheth Massala, Church Lane

Shawarma Express was inspected on Tuesday, March 28, and it was deemed that the takeaway requires improvement in a number of areas.

As per the Food Standards Agency record, Shawarma Express was rated as 'generally satisfactory' in terms of hygienic food handling, but the eatery requires improvement in terms of the cleanliness and condition of the facilities and building.

The town centre takeaway was rated as 'major improvements necessary' regarding the management of food safety.

Culcheth Massala, off Church Lane, was visited by an inspector from the FSA on Friday, March 24.

The inspector found that, similarly to Shawarma Express, the hygienic handling of food was 'generally satisfactory,' but the cleanliness and condition of the premises require improvements.

Culcheth Massala was also told that major improvements are required in terms of the management of food safety at the eatery.

All information is taken from the Food Standards Agency and is accurate at the time of publication.