A SPORTS club manager is "disappointed" after the club’s entrance sign was damaged.

Newton Sports Club suffered damages to its sign at the bottom of the drive on Crow Lane East, which saw letters removed from the entrance sign and pieces left scattered in a hedge and near the traffic lights.

It is uncertain what date the damage occurred, however, the club confirms it happened sometime over the weekend.

The not-for-profit club is now looking for resources to restore the sign.

Warrington Guardian: Letters from the sign were removed sometime over the weekendLetters from the sign were removed sometime over the weekend (Image: Newton Sports Club)

Joanne Edge, manager at the Newton Sports Club, said: "It’s quite disheartening; we’re a not-for-profit community club with an abundance of volunteers who give up a lot of their time and we’re here for the community, so this is now something else we need to try to find money. It’s very disappointing.

Warrington Guardian: Some letters were found scattered across Crow Lane EastSome letters were found scattered across Crow Lane East (Image: Newton Sports Club)

Following the damage, the club received several offers from local businesses to help restore the sign.

Joanne added: "We’ve had a lot of generous offers from people who are willing to design a new signage for us for free and a gentleman has said he has the equipment to cut out some new letters, so he’s offered that free of charge.

"For such a negative thing to have happened, lots of positives have come out of it in that there are a lot of people in the community and beyond our community that have reached out and offered their services to help us out. It restores your faith in humanity.

"Thank you to everyone who has reached out and made contact to offer their services.

"We’ll keep moving forward, and we won’t let it deter us."

The sports club underwent a makeover earlier this year as its function room was refurbished.

Warrington Guardian: The function room was refurbished earlier this yearThe function room was refurbished earlier this year (Image: Newton Sports Club)

A project alongside Woodland Trust in Autumn, to plant small trees along the site to improve its sustainability, is among the near future plans for the club.