LYMM has welcomed its newest bakery, and it's safe to say that it is a massive hit with the locals.

The 6ix Bakehouse can be found at 38 Star Lane, in Lymm, and is bringing with it delicious comforts from the owners' hometown.

Nicole Platts and her mother, Jo-Ann Macneil, are the team behind the bakery, and it specialises in hand-rolled bagels, inspired by food found in Toronto, where the pair are originally from.

Warrington Guardian: The bakery is a welcome addition to Lymm, by all accountsThe bakery is a welcome addition to Lymm, by all accounts (Image: Newsquest)

Everything on offer at the bakery is completely handmade, which includes the bagels - a recipe that Nicole has apparently been working on for quite some time.

Having opened for the first time last week, the bakery has already sold out on four of the days it has been open; this led to the team closing the store two hours early on Saturday afternoon.

Jo-Ann said: "We've just been really busy - we weren't expecting to be so popular in the first few days!

"We've had a really good response, too. Even when we were so busy that some people had to wait 20 minutes for their food - everyone was so understanding."

Jo-Ann said that she and her daughter had been planning to open a bakery for a few years, and they had spent the time perfecting the recipes for the bespoke menu, which was created by Nicole.

Warrington Guardian: The cosy bakery is a hit with localsThe cosy bakery is a hit with locals (Image: Newsquest)

When asked what it is like to work so closely with family, Nicole said: "It's been smooth sailing so far!"

Jo-Ann added: "That's because I know Nicole is the boss, really."

The most popular item on the menu so far is the salt beef bagel - using ingredients that are all freshly prepared.

Salt beef is traditionally found in North America, and is made by brining beef for a number of days, before boiling it - this is something that the pair does regularly for their signature menu item.

"It's a real labour of love," Nicole explained.

Warrington Guardian: The coffee is freshly ground in the bakeryThe coffee is freshly ground in the bakery (Image: Newsquest)

When asked about the name of the bakery, 6ix Bakehouse, Jo-Ann explained that it came as a reference to the six boroughs of Toronto, where the pair lived before moving to the UK.

The bakery sells a varied breakfast menu, and its lunch menu is available from 11.30am - items are available on poppyseed, sesame seed, or plain bagels; or the 'everything' bagel, which has a mixture of both.

Having been able to try the salt beef bagel (which has salt beef, mustard, gherkins and mayo), we're pleased to confirm that the bakery is well worth a visit.

Sweeter treats are on offer too, including freshly baked cookies (such as chocolate chip, and peanut butter) and pecan butter tarts.

The bakery is open from 8.30am until 3.30pm from Wednesday to Friday, and from 8.30am to 2pm at the weekend - the bakery is closed on a Monday and Tuesday.

Opening times are subject to stock, so if you want to get a delicious taste of Lymm's newest bakery then be sure to get in early.

The 6ix Bakehouse can be found at 38 Star Lane, Lymm.