A MAN in Padgate has been left to live with mould and damp in his home for months as it has been left untreated by his landlords.

The property, which is managed by Torus Housing Group, is rife with mould and damp as a result of water damage.

According to the man, who did not want to be named, the housing group has sent assessors to the property when he has raised concerns, though he has been told consistently that there is nothing that they can do.

Warrington Guardian: Mould and damp has spread throughout the property, the resident saysMould and damp has spread throughout the property, the resident says (Image: Supplied)

The resident says the assessors have told him this because the damp is spreading from the property upstairs.

Torus says work to resolve the issue will start soon with an assessment of the property taking place on Friday.

In an email sent to the Warrington Guardian, it was claimed that the mould was first reported to Torus in October 2022, and as of March this year it remains untreated.

The resident - who is asthmatic - said: "There have been mould and cracks coming from my ceiling and it’s spread to the walls in the living room, kitchen and hall and every time I contact Torus about the problem they send someone out to have a look at the damage so they can repair it.

"Every time someone came out, they said there’s nothing they can do as it’s coming from upstairs so they’ll have to report it and it just kept repeating itself and now the mould and cracks have progressed."

Warrington Guardian: According to the resident, the mould has spread from the property upstairsAccording to the resident, the mould has spread from the property upstairs (Image: Newsquest)

Kevin Clifford, head of maintenance at Torus, said: “We take all repair and maintenance reports extremely seriously and apologise to the customer if they feel their issues have not been dealt with. 

"We have spoken with the customer about their dissatisfaction with our response to the issues raised.

“Following the initial report in October 2022 regarding blistered plaster in the living room, our contractors attended in early November, to remove and replace the plaster.  The customer was advised to monitor and get back in touch if there were any further issues."

Mr Clifford added: “Since the report and repair to the plasterwork in late 2022, we investigated the possible cause of the problem and identified an issue with the balconies on the block, which were holding water after heavy rain, we are currently on-site to resolve these issues.

“We have recently been made aware of other issues at the property and the customer has an appointment with our contractor on Friday 31 March to undertake mould treatment works, with a surveyor attending at the same time, to investigate any additional underlying causes, so they can be resolved, to prevent future issues."

Warrington Guardian: It is claimed that the water damage, cracks, and mould have now spread to the property's kitchenIt is claimed that the water damage, cracks, and mould have now spread to the property's kitchen (Image: Newsquest)

Mr Clifford then claimed: “We are continuing to work with the customer who is happy with our response and will continue to keep them informed until all issues reported to us have been resolved. 

“We also encourage customers to contact us to report any ongoing issues, so we can look to act as quickly as possible and to resolve issues to their satisfaction.”

Responding to Torus' claims that he has been happy with their response, the resident said: "I never said I was happy with their response but I am trying to get this problem sorted as I cannot live in these conditions.

He added: "Because of all of this it doesn’t feel like there’s much progress with them and it’s been going on since October last year."

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