THE coronation of King Charles III takes place next weekend.

It promises to be a weekend of celebration across the country.

And it will be the first coronation in the lifetime of most people in this country following the death of Queen Elizabeth II in September.

So we have been back in our archives to look at three visits the King has made to Warrington, all when he was the Prince of Wales

Opening the Alice in Wonderland statue in Golden Square

Huge crowds were in Warrington town centre in 1984 when Prince Charles and Princess Diana visited the town.

The royal couple were at Golden Square to unveil the new Alice in Wonderland statue in the Old Fish Market.

Warrington Guardian:

The visit, at the end of May, coincided with the completion of a £25 million project to develop the site by Legal and General.

The Princess, who was dressed in navy and white, was pregnant with her second child, Prince Harry, during the visit and onlookers came from as far as Yorkshire to be in the crowd.

Warrington Guardian:

After the Warrington bombing

His next visit was in 1993 after the devastating bomb attacks.

Prince Charles came to town in the week following the IRA killing of Johnathan Ball and Tim Parry.

He met staff at Warrington Hospital and many of those injured in the attacks.

Warrington Guardian:

To celebrate the armed forces

Warrington Guardian:

Prince Charles was back in Warrington in 2005.

He was there to present medals to members of the Kings Regiment and Cheshire Regiment.

He also had a Town Hall reception with the TA troops meeting him on the lawn at Bank Park.

Large crowds were also in attendance on the day.

He travelled with Camilla who attended a separate event in Liverpool