A NEW community group has announced that they will be taking up a weekly residency at Birchwood Youth and Community Centre.

The Flying Pin Cushions is a group of sewing enthusiasts that meets regularly, and the group is due to hold regular sessions in Birchwood.

Announcing the residency to the Warrington Guardian, the founding members of the group will use the community centre in Birchwood on Mondays.

Warrington Guardian: The group will run from the community centre off Delenty DriveThe group will run from the community centre off Delenty Drive (Image: Newsquest)

Speaking to the Warrington Guardian, the founding members Irmgard Gater and Carol Kelso, said: "Although the Flying Pin Cushions don’t offer formal sewing classes, the group is very happy to show beginners how to start sewing or help experienced members take on more challenging projects.

"What’s more, the sewing sessions run from 12pm until 9pm, so no-one should feel excluded because they work during the day or aren’t keen on going out in the evenings."

Irmgard said: "When a new member joins, for instance, and they haven’t done any sewing before, we have starter packs ready for them to use and are always on hand to help.

"Once they’ve had a practice sewing on sheets of paper and built up some confidence, they can move on to our free beginners’ project - again with encouragement and guidance from more experienced members.”

One barrier that some may think is in the way of taking up sewing is a lack of personal sewing machine, as they can be expensive, and hard to come by.

Carol addressed this, saying: "We have a number of spare machines for them to practise on.

"Once they’re ready to buy a machine of their own, we can help them find some of the best deals on the market."

A myth that the group is keen to dispel is that sewing is 'just for women' - they feel that this belief might limit the number of members who attend session.

The group says that one of its most keen members is Mike - he said: "I really look forward to Mondays.

“The ladies treat me just like I was one of them. They don’t feel the need to modify the conversation just because I’m in the room.

"This, I feel, makes for a very relaxed atmosphere.”

Warrington Guardian: The group will be in the community centre on Mondays, from 12-9pmThe group will be in the community centre on Mondays, from 12-9pm (Image: Flying Pin Cushions)

The cost for all-day admission to a session with the Flying Pin Cushions is £7, which includes a £2 contribution towards a weekly raffle and light refreshments.

Sessions are paid for on the day, as and when people are able to attend, and there’s no requirement to purchase a block of sessions in advance.

The group added: "Anyone interested in finding out more about the Flying Pin Cushions can contact Irmgard on 07305 541891 or by emailing theflyingpincushions@gmail.com."

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