WARRINGTON Borough Council has been forced to clean up the mess left behind by contractors on a road in Penketh.

The mess was allegedly first reported to the council at the end of January by a member of the public, but the individual was told that it was up to the contractor to clear up the mess.

However, since the Warrington Guardian questioned the council about the mess, a sweeper was sent to the scene in order to clear what the contractors had left on the road.

Warrington Guardian: The mess was allegedly first reported to the council a month agoThe mess was allegedly first reported to the council a month ago (Image: Newsquest)

The mess was left on Widnes Road, near Penketh Fire Station.

Reports were made to the Warrington Guardian by a retired traffic patrol police officer, who said: "I contacted the council as an emergency, as the main A562 Widnes Road, outside Penketh Fire Station and True Fit Golf was heavily contaminated by thick mud and broken bricks and sandstone.

"The road here is subject to a 50 miles per hour speed limit and close to a bend which is a known accident hotspot.

"The deposits on the road appear to have been caused by tipper trucks leaving the land at the rear of the fire station."

The resident - who did not with to be named - has lived in the area for over 30 years.

He added: "Due to the amount of soil and mud and stone/brick, I considered this to be a considerable hazard to road users, in particular motorcyclists.

"I contacted the council who identified the location and said that the matter would be treated as urgent. Two days later I received notification that the A562 road was private land and should be dealt with via land registry."

A council spokesperson said: "This week, we received a report regarding mud on the A562 highway in Penketh.

"Our highways inspector contacted the contractor who caused this, however, due to the immediate danger following a further report yesterday, we deployed a sweeper to the area.

“We are currently speaking to the contractor regarding this issue, as well as the need for them to ensure the road is kept clean at all times.”

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