IT'S one of the biggest questions out there - are we alone in the universe?

Well, new footage has emerged from Warrington that might give us the answer to that question.

One resident, Paul Morris, spotted a strange light in the sky in the early morning and is claiming that the lights were moving in an unusual way.

Warrington Guardian: Paul noticed a strange light above his neighbourhoodPaul noticed a strange light above his neighbourhood (Image: Paul Morris)

Paul said: "At 6.15am I looked out the window to see what the weather was like, and noticed a very bright light - like a star but much much closer. 

"It was moving slowly at times then would speed up, and was travelling around the local area."

Continuing with his tale, Paul told the Warrington Guardian: "It made no noise, not even when it increased speed. 

"I know it was not a plane as it was only one solid light, not a white light with green and red flashing lights, it had no wings too."

This incident allegedly took place on Wednesday, February 22.

Acknowledging that the subject of UFOs is often ridiculed, Paul said: "It sounds far-fetched right?

"But it's not, as I have the footage - I recorded it on my phone."

Well, the footage captured by Paul was indeed sent to the Warrington Guardian, and it's available below, so you'll be able to make up your own mind about the possible sighting.

Well, it isn't exactly clear to make out exactly what it is that Paul has captured on camera, here - but if we cannot identify it, then at least it certainly fits the definition of 'unidentified flying object.'

This is not the first reported sighting of UFOs in Warrington - here's a roundup of some of the sightings in the town since 2000.

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