AN amazing workshop facility unbeknown to some lives in the heart of Orford and can be utilised by any business or school in the community.

The ‘Fab Lab’ workspace at Beamont Collegiate has a range of useful tools including 3D printers, a laser cutter and hi spec CAD enabled computing facilities – to name a few.

Ashley Diggle, creative director at Fab lab, spoke of the exciting new workshops and courses that will be made available to the public in the coming months.

“The fab lab spaces are all about gaining and sharing skills,” Ashley said.

“Some of the courses we will be offering include jewellery and candle making, arts and crafts club, upcycling courses and woodwork.”

So if you have a woodwork project but not all the right tools, the Fab Lab might be exactly what you need.

The courses are set to run through the week and the lab itself is open 1-8pm Monday to Friday.

Warrington Guardian: Fab LabFab Lab (Image: Beamont Collegiate Academy)

“People can book in whenever to come and use the facilities,” Ashley said.

As well as having set workshops, the lab will also be used as a space for weekly man share meetings, encouraging men in the community to join together and use the facilities in the lab whilst talking and opening up about their problems.

Ashley explained how any business, school, or organisation can book in to use the facilities in the lab and water suppliers United Utilities have begun using the space and the 3D printing to problem solve and re-design parts.

“It’s also about making links with local businesses and schools’ too,” she added.

Prices range from £4 up to £55 depending on the course chosen but money is not the focus of this facility.

“We are not here to make a profit, the whole idea is to get people involved in STEM,” Ashley explained.

Warrington Guardian: Fab LabFab Lab (Image: Beamont Collegiate Academy)

The popular fun and free event ‘Coderdojo’ is also hosted in the Fab Lab and invites parents and children down for a day of fun activities.

Included in this are coding sessions, crazy science workshops, VR headset devices available to use and much more – the next session being held on March 18.

Chris Hillidge, director of STEM at Beamont Collegiate said: "We have a big problem with education as a whole with teaching STEM currently.

"The idea behind it is keeping that pipe line of young people interested in STEM."

To find out more about the Fab Lab located in Beamont Collegiate, visit their website or their social media page, Fab Lab Warrington on Facebook.

Warrington Guardian: Coderdojo STEM event held at Beamont CollegiateCoderdojo STEM event held at Beamont Collegiate (Image: Beamont Collegiate)