TELEVISION presenter Alex Brooker has come under fire from viewers of the BBC show Pointless this week.

Alex has been the guest presenter for the hit teatime quiz show this week, following the departure of series regular - and creator of the show - Richard Osman.

Brooker, who is a co-host of the Channel 4 topical comedy show The Last Leg, has found himself in hot water after Warrington came up during last night, Tuesday's, instalment of Pointless.

The incident that has drawn the ire of many viewers took place during the final of the quiz show, with contestants Holly and Angharad vying to take home the £5,250 jackpot.

Holly and Angharad ploughed through from the first round straight into the final - an impressive feat, given it was their first appearance on the show.

The categories presented to the pair for them to choose from in the final were:

  • Women's Olympic boxing
  • Oliver Cromwell
  • Ed Sheeran albums
  • World War Two naval films

Holly reacted badly to the options, saying: "Yeah this is a no... Ed Sheeran albums, I wouldn't know."

But Angharad came through with sound logic, saying: "I wonder if Oliver Cromwell, no one knows anything about?"

The pair chose the Cromwell category, much to the delight of regular presenter Alexander Armstrong, who was clearly pleased that the category would finally be taken from the board.

In terms of categories the pair had to provide answers for, they were:

  • Civil War battles that took place in Britain (1640-51)
  • Fellow signatories on the death warrant of Charles I
  • Credited acting roles in the 1970 film 'Cromwell'

Holly and Angharad, unfortunately, did not manage to find a pointless answer to take home the jackpot, but series newcomer Alex Brooker did manage to irk some Warrington viewers.

One of the pointless answers for Civil War battles that they could have given was Winwick, in Warrington.

However, Brooker - clearly unfamiliar with the area - namechecked the area incorrectly, pronouncing it as 'Win-wick' rather than 'Winnick.'

One viewer took to social media, saying: "Someone should let @alex_brooker know that the correct pronunciation of Winwick is 'Winnick'."

It remains to be seen how Brooker will sleep at night following his faux pas on the hit BBC show.

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