A MYSTERIOUS video has been sent to the Warrington Guardian by a resident.

The footage shows what appears to be mist or smoke moving in an unnatural way in the early hours of the morning, on Wednesday, February 8.

Apparently, the footage was captured by a CCTV camera that is only triggered by movement - and the camera switched on at approximately 4am in response to movement in the area.

The footage was sent to the Warrington Guardian by Manny Emelius.

When asked what he thought the footage showed, Manny said: "I have not got a clue.

"Some friends are saying it's something called an orb.

"It's strange because it triggered my CCTV - I have even slowed the footage down as some people said it might be an insect. I have seen insects on camera and they don't appear like that."

Manny added: "It's a mystery."

This is not the first time that Warrington residents have tried to get to the bottom of mysterious CCTV footage that has been picked up.

Back in October, it was reported that a large cat - possibly a 'panther' - was spotted prowling the streets of Warrington, with CCTV footage then being sent to the Warrington Guardian that showed what could be a large cat.

The footage was picked up by a home's doorbell camera, at the time.

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