CARELESS shoplifters have been mocked by police that their actions were ‘not the best idea’.

The offenders chose to try and steal close to £1,000 worth of coats from a store in the town centre this morning, Thursday.

However, they did so while a Cheshire Police officer was present talking to staff about an unrelated incident.

After making off on foot, the offenders were detained by police on the front lawn of Warrington Town Hall and arrested on suspicion of theft.

Officers from the force’ Warrington Police team said: “It is perhaps not the best idea to enter a town centre store in order to steal nearly £1,000 worth of coats when a town beat manager is in the store taking a statement about an unrelated matter.

“One foot chase through the Town Hall front lawn, a little bit of shouting and some help from other officers later, now we have three under arrest for alleged theft.”