RESIDENTS of Penketh have been revealed to be the oldest in Warrington, according to the Office for National Statistics.

At the latest count, there were 9,900 people living in the area, spread across 4,200 households - meaning the average number of residents living in each home in Penketh is between two and three.

Of those living in Penketh, 22.7 per cent are above the age of 70, which is almost 10 per cent more than the national average.

This equates to more than one-in-five residents being 70 or over, which is approximately 2,247 people.

Almost one-third of people in Penketh now routinely work from home, according to the latest information.

Figures released by the ONS highlight that 32.3 per cent of employed people in Penketh and Cuerdley now work mostly from home.

The data comes from the latest breakdown of the 2021 census results.

Penketh has an employment rate of 55.7 per cent of over-16s, which falls just under the national rate, which sits at 57 per cent.

However, the number of unemployed over-16s in the area is under the national unemployment rate, with Penketh having a rate of two per cent, versus the national figure of 3.4 per cent.

There is a higher proportion of those above 16 who are 'economically inactive' - be it due to retirement, or inability to work - in Penketh than the national average, which could be an indicator of the ward's ageing population.

According to the ONS, 42.3 per cent of Penketh's over-16 population is economically inactive, compared to the average for England and Wales, which sits at 39 per cent.

The ONS also released figures surrounding household deprivation, measured across four 'dimensions' - education, health, housing, and employment status.

According to the data, 47.7 per cent of homes in Penketh can be described as 'deprived' in one or more dimensions.

This works out roughly as 2,003 homes in Penketh and Cuerdley.

Of the working-age population in the area, more than 17 per cent do not have any recognised qualifications - although, 30 per cent have Level 4 qualifications or higher.

All data is taken from the Office for National Statistics' breakdown of the 2021 census results.