MOORE Rugby Union Football Club is making a desperate plea to be put in touch with a 1980s pop star.

For a number of years, Moore RUFC has adopted an unofficial anthem that is sung following every victory.

What initially started as a gimmick for the club's first team has now become a club-wide tradition that holds a special place in the heart of all the players.

Belinda Carlisle's 'Heaven is a place on Earth' was a hit for the American pop star in 1987, and has since become a meaningful anthem for the club, based on Moss Lane.

The song is played after every club victory, from the men's first team, all the way down to the club's junior teams.

Even when the club plays at away venues, or at neutral sites (for finals), members of the club manage to 'hijack' the PA system to ensure that the 1987 hit can be blasted for the players to enjoy.

Now, the club is trying to contact the American pop star, with the singer heading to play at Manchester Academy on Friday, February 17.

Chairman of Moore RUFC, Andrew Mossop, said: "The tradition probably started four or five years ago, and was played in the changing rooms for the first team.

"Since then, it's been played on the pitch after the games - wherever we go, it gets played.

"We've tried to contact Belinda before, but unfortunately we've had no reply."

The club is keen to get across the fact that the song has become more than a song to them - it's now an unofficial anthem or rallying cry to the players.

Andrew also highlighted that it 'probably annoys the other team when [they] play it and [they're] having a ball at the end of a game.'

In an ideal world, the club would like to meet Belinda Carlisle, and even sing the hit with her - a signed Moore RUFC shirt would be a bonus, too.

The club's chairman added: "We would do anything in the world to make this happen."