ANTI-CARAVAN measures have been installed in Birchwood, at a known hotspot for unauthorised traveller camps.

The site, which is off Ordnance Avenue, is at an entrance to Birchwood Forest Park.

In 2022, the area played host to a number of unauthorised traveller encampments, including one that stayed on the site for so long that Warrington Borough Council had to provide portable toilet facilities.

Warrington Guardian: Unauthorised encampments have frequented the site numerous times over the last few monthsUnauthorised encampments have frequented the site numerous times over the last few months (Image: Newsquest)

Another encampment resulted in small fragments of glass being left at the site, as well as churned-up grass, and a broken padlock on the gate to the entrance.

Now, it appears as though concrete blocks have been installed at the entrance on Ordnance Avenue, with the intention of preventing caravans and associated vehicles from pitching up again at the site.

A number of residents reported in the past that vehicles from a traveller camp at Birchwood Forest Park had 'almost run [them] over' when they were walking their dog.

The county council served an eviction notice on the camp at the time, stating that the vehicles must not use public footpaths.

Warrington Guardian: The blocks will prevent any vehicles from entering the parkThe blocks will prevent any vehicles from entering the park (Image: Newsquest)

When asked about the progress of constructing a transit site for the use of travellers, a Warrington Borough Council spokesperson told the Warrington Guardian in October: "We are continuing to work with our partners to identify a suitable traveller transit site in the borough.

"The need for this is fully established in the submitted proposed local plan that was subject to examination in public in September.”

After being quizzed about the money that was reportedly earmarked for the site - which was in the region of £2million in 2015 - the council did not comment further.

Warrington Borough Council has been contacted for comment on this story.