A TRANQUIL Warrington village will not be getting a new phone mast as things stand.

Proposals were submitted to Warrington Borough Council’s planning committee for a huge 18metre mast in Hollins Green.

Plans were submitted to the council last month by Three for the new phone mast to be installed off Manchester Road.

It was planned that the post would aid 4G and 5G coverage and signal across Hollins Green, and encourage more use of mobile phones and other handheld internet enabled devices.

The decision notice shows that the council has now refused these plans due to it being ‘visually intrusive and damaging to the character of the area’, with the mast reaching three metres taller than the surrounding trees.

It has also been suggested that this specific site is not the best place for tower in terms of public safety, as it is a primary route for high number of vehicles which travel at high speed.

The decision notice mentions that installation on this site has been rejected, but there is potential availability at alternative sites.

A number of objections were submitted against the mast being installed.

One resident said: “I would like to make the case officer aware that there is already a decommissioned Hutchinson 3G telecom mast located very closely to the proposed mast.

“Surely it would make sense to recommission an existing mast than to build a new one directly in front of our houses.”

Another said: “Firstly, I do not believe it is required as Hollins Green already has excellent mobile phone and internet coverage, and therefore another mast is not needed.

“Its proposed position will make it an eyesore for several local houses and pedestrians. If the mast is to be installed, it should be in a much more discrete location.”