LATCHFORD Albion have confirmed that one of their unsung heroes will be on board again for the 2023 season.

Match analyst Chris Bolton has agreed to carry on his role for a fourth consecutive campaign.

Bolton's work often goes unnoticed as he collates valuable match data for all Albion's games to highlight positives, look for areas where players can improve, as well as providing important insight into how the opposition play, often giving Albion that extra information to get the better of the opposition.

“When coach Martyn Ellis asked me to come and work with the club I didn’t hesitate. Having known Martyn for over 25 years on and off the field, I knew the work ethic and the skill levels he wanted to bring to the club.

"I wanted to support the players by providing them with something that very few other teams would have and would therefore give us an edge in terms of collective and individual performance analysis.”

Latchford’s pre-season restarts on Thursday, January 5, when any new or returning players would be made welcome.