COUNCIL bosses have refused to grant planning permission for a home salon to be created at a house in Penketh.

The plans to convert a garage into a home salon were initially submitted in July 2022, and the council issued a decision on Tuesday, January 3.

Following a number of objections made by residents, Warrington Borough Council planning chiefs have pulled the plug on an application to transform the garage of the Penketh home into a new salon.

The application would have seen the garage adjacent to 10 Jubilee Avenue, Penketh, be renovated and refurbished to support equipment for a home salon.

However, at least three representations were made to Warrington Borough Council on the application's page on the online planning portal, voicing objections over the proposed plans.

One objection from a neighbour claims that, if approved, the plans would constitute an 'invasion of privacy,' adding: "My front door and kitchen are on the side of our property and the entrance to the salon will be on the side of the garage which means people coming and going along the side path from 9am-9pm which is not acceptable.

"We have lived here for over 50 years now."

The resident continued: "I strongly object to this proposed plan."

Another objection explains that a lack of suitable parking could lead to transport issues on the road: "There are a lot of deliveries to this address already. We also have parking problems here with other businesses at one end of the avenue, who frequently park outside our property.

"We also feel this change may affect the value of our property and others on Jubilee Avenue."

Warrington Guardian: One objection raised was the inadequate parking on the street, according to residentsOne objection raised was the inadequate parking on the street, according to residents (Image: RJ Design)

However, the plans submitted to the council 'anticipated a maximum of only one car at any time, as bookings are spaced so as not to overlap at any time.'

Supporting this was the conclusion drawn by the highways department at Warrington Borough Council, which raised no objections to the plans at the time, with the highways report being posted on the planning portal in October 2022.