CRIME in Warrington has fallen by more than one-tenth in the space of four weeks, data shows.

Figures for November 2022 show a significant drop in the number of crimes reported to police in Warrington.

The latest data made available by shows that crimes reported in Warrington fell by over 12 per cent between October and November this year.

Warrington Guardian: Reported crimes fell more than 10 per cent between October and NovemberReported crimes fell more than 10 per cent between October and November (Image: Newsquest)

According to figures from the police, October saw a rise in reports of most crimes, but November's data shows this has begun to level off.

One constant that remains is that crimes reported under the category of 'violent and sexual offences' make up the largest number of crimes reported.

However, despite 'violent and sexual offences' making up the largest proportion of reported incidents for November, there were nearly 50 fewer reports in this category in November than there were in October.

Between October and November, antisocial behaviour reports were cut by more than 27 per cent, dropping from 223 reports down to 161.

Almost every category of crime experienced a reduction in the number of reports between October and November, which will come as a relief to many after the reports that October brought an increase in crime in Warrington.

Of the crimes reported for November, nearly 600 of them remain under investigation by Cheshire Constabulary.

However, of the 1,440 crimes reported in Warrington in November this year, over 40 per cent of reports will not lead to further action.

Our latest crime map tool is here, showing the areas with the most reported crimes in Warrington for November.

Figures show that many crime reports will not lead to charges against individuals, with 612 reports being classified as 'not in the public interest,' or being unable to prosecute or identify a suspect.

That said, some reports have led to court proceedings, with around 30 reported crimes currently being considered by the courts.

As fits the trend for towns, more crimes are reported closer to the centre of Warrington, whereas rural areas like Culcheth, Croft, and Glazebrook reportedly experience a smaller proportion of crimes.