A ROADSIDE café has been ordered off agricultural land in Cuerdley by planning chiefs at Warrington Borough Council.

The café in question, believed to be the 'Pit Stop' café adjacent to Back Lane and Widnes Road, has been slapped with an enforcement notice by the council.

A description provided on the council website implies that 'Pit Stop' is the café in question.

An enforcement order was served on the roadside café by the council on Friday, December 16.

The curbside café has until Friday, February 3 to take the steps ordered by the council's planning committee.

Steps that need to be taken by the café that have been outlined in the enforcement notice are:

  • Cease the use of the land as a café.
  • Remove from the land and do not return the portable building and associated decking platform, enclosures and tables.

According to Warrington Borough Council, the owners of the café were in breach of various planning regulations.

The council's planning portal lists the breach as: "Without planning permission, the material change of use of part of an agricultural field to a café in a portable building with an associated decking platform, enclosure and tables."

The area in question is a stone's throw from Fiddler's Ferry power station, which is set for demolition in 2023 after being decommissioned in March 2020.

Council bosses have given the café owners until the beginning of February to comply with the enforcement order and abandon the land.