A PHOTOGRAPHER with a passion for all things space has spoken of his pride over an exhibition of his work at Jodrell Bank.

Andy Saunders, from Culcheth, has received worldwide recognition over recent years for his work to restore low-quality photos taken by astronauts themselves in space.

This labour of love has now seen him collate his restorations into a new book entitled Apollo Remastered – a book which has been a massive sales hit.

Such was its popularity, the book quickly became a Sunday Times Bestseller and became the biggest selling non-fiction book on Amazon.

It features more than 400 of the highest quality Apollo photographs ever published, accompanied by an explanatory caption and quotes from the astronauts at the moment they were taken.

Never-before-seen detail and input from those who made the incredible voyages make the book the ‘ultimate photographic record of humankind’s greatest adventure’.

Now these photos are being showcased following the opening of Jodrell Bank’s ambitious new development, the First Light Pavilion.

To coincide with the 50th anniversary of mans’ last steps on the Moon, Andy presents a small selection of remastered photographs from the final mission of the programme, Apollo 17.

The photos have been restored to show minute details. Picture: NASA/JSU/ASU/Andy Saunders

The photos have been restored to show minute details. Picture: NASA/JSU/ASU/Andy Saunders

This is a selection from the full exhibition touring the UK that will land in the north west at The Williamson Art Gallery from April to September next year.

For half a century, almost every image of the Moon landings publicly available was produced from a lower-quality copy of these originals, until Andy’s remasters.

On the exhibition, Andy said: “Being a Cheshire resident, it is fantastic to have some of the remastered images displayed locally at Jodrell Bank to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the final lunar landing mission, Apollo 17.

“I have visited many times over the years, and there is also that connection Jodrell Bank has with the first lunar landing in particular.

“It tracked Apollo 11 down to the surface and provided information by monitoring the failed Russian Luna 15 probe that intended to beat NASA to a sample return.”

Teresa Anderson, director of Jodrell Bank’s Centre for Engagement, added: “Jodrell Bank has an iconic place in the cultural life of our region and nation.

“It is fantastic to relaunch our exhibition programme in 2022 with beautiful and appropriate exhibitions. We are so excited to restart this journey with our partners in the arts.”