AS winter strikes, the volunteer carnival team in Penketh are already around the table planning what they can do to bring you some sunshine and excitement to look forward to in 2023.

After the huge success of this year's event with record breaking attendance the volunteers want to bring the community the joy of the annual extravaganza on their doorstep once again.

The date is set for July 8 and with the 100 year centenary of Disney they have a chosen a Disney themed event.

Mickey will be there with a Disney-themed parade and up to six marching bands to serenade residents as it passes through the streets of Penketh.

The volunteers of Penketh events team will be working with the residents association and Holly's farm to make the parade a spectacle to remember. There will be stilt walkers, dancers, performers, floats and an array of Disney costumes to enjoy.

Harrisons funfair will be present alongside the event on the field and there will be a multitude of activities to enjoy including local choirs, bands, stilt walkers, free circus workshops from Hula Hula Fun and Circus Try, an army firing range and a family sports day run by Pocket Rockets.

The team urge the community to save the date as this isn't an event to be missed.