A FARM shop in Penketh is being planned for demolition as part of a new planning application.

The application looks set to demolish the current farm shop in order to build a new shop, as well as more parking spaces.

Holly's Farm Shop, on Tannery Lane, has sent in planning documents to Warrington Borough Council for its building plans.

The documents show that the current farm shop building will be levelled in order to create a new farm shop, which will have additional parking spaces for customers and staff.

Plans - if approved by the planning committee - outline proposals to increase the number of on-site parking spaces to 12 parking bays.

The owner of Holly's Farm Shop also has indicated that the new farm shop will be open from 10am until 3pm from Friday to Monday.

Plans show that the new farm shop will be much larger than the current set-up.

Warrington Guardian: The current plans show a minimalist shop set-upThe current plans show a minimalist shop set-up (Image: Holly's Farm Shop)

Currently, the farm shop comprises a 'store shed' and a wooden canopy, with a wooden fence attached - it also has a portaloo at the rear of the property, current plans show.

The proposals for the farm shop show that the current shop will be demolished, with a new shop comprising of bricked walls, with windows, and a metallic panelled roof be built in its place.

Plans also include provisions for a toilet block on-site, to replace the current portaloo facility.

The storage shed is set to remain on the site but will be modified to fit with the updated bricked building.

Documents show that the construction will feature 'bifold doors and windows, vertical timber boarding, together with a profiled metal sheet roof and roof lights supported by a steel portal frame.'

Warrington Guardian: Proposed plans show a more sophisticated blueprint for the farm shopProposed plans show a more sophisticated blueprint for the farm shop (Image: Holly's Farm Shop)

This application was first submitted to the council in June this year, but it only became marked as 'valid' on Friday, November 25.

The planning application for Holly's Farm Shop on Tannery Lane, Penketh, is currently under consideration by Warrington Borough Council's planning committee.

As it stands, Warrington Borough Council must make a decision on the future of this application by no later than Friday, January 20, 2023.