PLANS for a new 5G phone mast in Appleton have been abandoned following local objections.

A 15-metre telecommunications mast was planned for installation on Longwood Road, in Appleton.

The mast would have increased connectivity in the area, and boosted 5G signal capabilities, too.

Warrington Guardian: The mast would have been installed at the marked location off Longwood RoadThe mast would have been installed at the marked location off Longwood Road (Image: Maps)

An email was sent from the developers on Monday, November 21, requesting that the application be withdrawn following consultation with representatives from environmental and highways services.

The email does not specify the exact reasons for abandoning the plans, though it does say 'after requesting these amends, I have been asked to withdraw [the application]' - this implies the suggestions made by environmental protection officers may have put the developers off.

Developers may also have been dissuaded by local residents' opposition to the plans, with local councillors raising objections to the proposals online.

Cllr Mark Jervis voiced his opposition to the plans for a new mast, saying: "The installation would be on the inside of a sweeping 180-degree bend on Longwood Road and as such could impede driver and pedestrian visibility of traffic.

"Also, the site is adjacent to several well-established tall trees. I object accordingly.

"I would also note that this application is less than 500 metres from a similar application by the applicant.

"Two masts in such close proximity represents an over-concentration of masts by the applicant in this area."

Another local councillor, Ken Critchley, said: "I have previously objected to the siting of 5G masts on Longwood Road in the vicinity of Woodstock Gardens.

"I wish to similarly record my objections to this application."

The plans for this phone mask would have seen the erection of a mast rising three metres higher than surrounding treetops, making the mast visible from further afield.

Documents were first submitted for this development in October, and a decision would have been due by Friday, December 2 - however, this does not stand now that the plans have been ditched.