A HORSE in Culcheth was injured during fireworks displays over the weekend of Bonfire Night.

Across Warrington on the weekend of 4-5 November, there were a number of Bonfire Night firework displays.

The Animal Welfare Act states that any organisers of fireworks displays should contact owners of animals in the area in order to provide warning of any events.

Nikki Ashcroft is a horse owner in the Croft area, and her daughter's horse - Milo - was injured during the fireworks displays that took place over Bonfire Night weekend.

She says Milo was acting anxiously during the fireworks displays, which resulted in him receiving a wound above his eye, despite him being sedated and in his stables over the weekend.

Milo has also developed colic, an intestinal condition caused by stress, which can range in severity from mild to fatal.

Nikki alleges that the organised firework display at Partridge Lakes is to blame for Milo's stress.

She says that no contact was made by the organisers of the Partridge Lakes prior to the event, and that she had to reach out to the organisers - which has been proved in images seen by the Warrington Guardian.

Warrington Guardian: Milo injured himself as a result of the anxiety he had during fireworks displays on Bonfire NightMilo injured himself as a result of the anxiety he had during fireworks displays on Bonfire Night (Image: Nikki Ashcroft)

However, the organisers have shown that there were communications between themselves and animal owners prior to the display, following Nikki's initial enquiry.

The organisers add that they ensured the event was away from residential areas, and that the event had a clear end time - instead, the organisers say that household displays were more likely the cause of Milo's injuries.

Speaking to the Warrington Guardian, they said: "Prior to the event, we received all the necessary permissions from the local authority and the local police were made aware and invited to attend.

"The required distance between livestock and our firework display exceeded the minimum legal requirement of 125m with an actual distance of 515m."

Partridge Lakes claim: "At 400m from the display, the maximum volume would have been less than 102dB, and with the additional 100m, the sound levels were approximately 100dB."

The organisers continued: "The display was aimed toward our main car park in the opposite direction to the neighbouring fields with a supporting wind direction towards this.

"Whilst we are saddened to hear about the injury to any animal, based on all of the above, we cannot attribute any animal injuries to our specific display."

Nikki disputes this, saying: "Partridge Lakes has never contacted us willingly to discuss dates of these events and on some occasions, we have not known they would be having a fireworks display.

"We have made them fully aware of the impact on our ponies and would expect an animal-friendly business to be more transparent. 

"Partridge Lakes is a very large site with various alternative areas they could set fireworks off that would not be in such a direct line of our stables."

Another horse owner in the area, Fiona Gibbs, added: "We understand that people like to go to fireworks events, and we like to be supportive of local businesses. 

"We’re not saying that the event needs to be stopped completely, but we are asking that it be tailored to the environment in which it is set."