CUSTOMERS at Birchwood Shopping Centre were confused this week when they spotted that the shutters were down on the Greggs outlet.

The bakery has been a staple of the shopping centre for more than a decade, with a regular outpouring of sausage rolls, pasties, and doughnuts flowing from behind the counter.

However, this week, customers were not met with the usual smells of freshly-baked goods but instead came to the store's closed doors.

Despite there being another Greggs outlet nearby - at Birchwood's BP garage - guests were naturally concerned about the much-loved bakery.

Despite some worrying for the future of their favourite bakery, the store is simply closed for refurbishment.

While welcome news to many, the refurbishment means that the bakery has been closed since Sunday, October 23.

The Birchwood site will remain closed until Friday, November 11.

Refurbishing the store is set to take nearly three weeks to complete, but then it will reopen with new features, after a much-needed revamp.

A sign was posted in the shop, with Greggs saying: "Crumbs!

"Sorry, we're closing for a refresh.

"We'll be closed from October 23 until November 11.

"Your nearest shop is Warrington Winwick Road."

Despite a small site being at Birchwood's BP garage, there are three larger Greggs stores in Warrington - this one, at Birchwood Shopping Centre, the Golden Square store, and a site on Winwick Road.

Greggs at Birchwood Shopping Centre will reopen on Friday, November 11 after a full refurbishment.