IT’s the spookiest time of the year, and to mark Halloween the Warrington Guardian has daringly delved into the archives to bring you seven of the town’s scariest ghost stories.

Don’t have nightmares…

The Crawling Man

The Black Horse Inn on Liverpool Road in Sankey was formerly used a stabling yard, which was run by blacksmith Giles Boston.

One night, a group of Cavaliers burst into the stables and demanded Mr Boston’s horses before shooting him in the chest.

After the assault, he crawled down the street to raise the alarm before succumbing to his injuries.

For more than 200 years, people have claimed to have seen his ghost holding a hand to his chest outside the pub.

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Spring-heeled Jack

The summer of 1927 saw the residents of Orford Lane terrorised by a tall, ghostly figure who would stare through windows before jumping over high walls and disappearing.

His appearances were often accompanied by a strange squealing noise and bright light.

He was first spotted on August 14 by two women on Haydock Street in the town, causing the pair to faint.

The figure appeared again later that evening in front of a large crowd that had gathered after the news of a ghost spread around the area.

There were various other sightings of Jack in the weeks that followed, before he leaped over Central Station in his final alleged appearance.

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Warrington Central

The following day, a message was found scrawled along a wall on Cockhedge Lane reading: “When the fields are white with daises, I'll return."

Granny Lightfoot's Rocking Chair

The Firth Place Cottage on Froghall Lane in Bewsey was home to an old lady by the name of Jenny Lightfoot, who spent her latter days relaxing in a rocking chair.

When the woman passed away, her chair was sold off to a pawnbroker.

But the chair mysteriously continued to rock of its own accord.

The haunted seat is reportedly still passed from person to person, who fear the consequences should they throw it away.

Springfield Street Post Office

On Walking Day 1929, around 20 people reported seeing a face in the window of the Springfield Street Post Office – now home to the Grill on the Square and the Post House bar.

The mysterious figure reportedly watched the festivities from the top right-hand window of the building, but management claimed it would have been impossible for anyone to be inside as the site had been locked up at the time of the ghostly apparition.

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Bewsey Old Hall

Numerous legends surround the grade two-listed building.

It is reportedly haunted by the ghost of a murdered maid, a treacherous servant hanged in the wake of Sir John Boteler's murder and the White Lady – thought to be Lady Isabella Boteler.

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Now host to apartments, the historic site is also allegedly the home of a supernatural white rabbit being hunted by a pack of dogs.

Lewis Carroll supposedly took inspiration from this to create the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.

Walton Hall

Built in the 1830s, Lady Daresbury is regularly spotted on the staircase and in her bedroom of Walton Hall.

The ghosts of children are allegedly heard playing in empty rooms and running around the building, and the dark figure of a man supposedly haunts its function rooms.

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Winwick Hospital

Now demolished and replaced by a housing estate, the hospital was believed to have been haunted by the Grey Lady.

Other ghostly apparitions reported included a nun, an American GI and former members of staff.

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