GRAPPENHALL and Thelwall are set to receive 5G connectivity and boosted signal after the council approves updates to a phone mast.

The new antennas will replace outdated ones that are currently located at the Royal British Legion on Stockport Road.

Plans were approved by Warrington Borough Council this week, and they will see a number of antennas being replaced by seven new ones.

The new antennas will be attached to a new 2.5-metre extension to the current mast, which will take the mast up to 27.5 metres tall.

According to plans submitted to the planning committee, the updates will bring 5G to the area, as well as boost the signal in the area.

A communications tower has been on the site in one form or another since 1999, with subsequent updates to the equipment coming in 2001.

The local plan enforced by the planning committee ensures that no communication towers would stand at more than 30 metres high on 'unprotected' ground.

Documents submitted to the council say: "The existing mast is already at 25 metres in height, and when viewed from the passing road, the mast does not appear to have a dominating height.

"The visual impact of the lattice-style mast is further mitigated by the presence of mature trees which are of equivalent height to the mast."

Warrington Guardian: The updated mast is set to be installed on the marked land in the imageThe updated mast is set to be installed on the marked land in the image (Image: Newsquest)

Developers say that 'it is not considered the proposed mast and cabinets would have any unacceptable impacts on the amenity of surrounding residents.'

According to the council, work must take place to update the telecoms mast within three years - though it is expected that work will commence in the near future, now that permission has been granted.