PROTESTORS descended upon Appleton Thorn industrial estate.

They were members of the Asbestos Victims Support Group Forum UK, and they were demonstrating against a perceived lack of action taken by a company over asbestos usage.

They claim Cape Intermediate Holdings withheld evidence on the risks of exposure to asbestos in one of their products, Asbestolux - an insulation board material.

The demonstrators demanded that Cape pay £10 million towards finding a cure for mesothelioma, which is an asbestos-related illness.

Joanne Gordon, chair of the victims' forum said: “Thanks to the Forum’s [legal case] against Cape Intermediate Holdings, many victims who may have previously been denied compensation will have a greater chance of justice thanks to the evidence contained in documents now freely available.

"That’s a modern-day superhero story."

Warrington Guardian: The protestors were outside Cape/Altrad's Appleton Thorn premisesThe protestors were outside Cape/Altrad's Appleton Thorn premises (Image: Asbestos Victims Forum)

The demonstrators were at Cape's headquarters on the Appleton Thorn industrial estate on Friday, September 30, at 1pm.

The victims' forum added: "Whilst the £10 million we demand does not compare to the vast profits Cape recorded as their employees were knowingly exposed to life-threatening asbestos fibres – it may well provide a lifeline to those who suffer from mesothelioma in the future."

One person impacted by the Asbestolux product said: "No one said it was dangerous, I went home covered in it every time I used it, and what’s more, I used to travel home on public transport.’’

Cape were contacted for comment and did not respond.